David - Pianist, Composer & Producer

                                               David Performing on keyboard

David begun his music career studying to become a classical pianist but was soon entranced by the lure of 'Rock 'n' Roll'.  During the 1980's and '90s David toured throughout Australia playing keyboards and piano in many BANDS including ‘B-Haav’, ‘Mirrah Mirrah’, ‘Mikado Profile’, ‘Paragon’ and ( for 13 years)  the Australian Meatloaf Tribute Show.

During the ‘90s David began composing his own music including the film Score for the movie “The Audition", presented at Melbourne Film Festival (1988). His interest in many genres of music  has  lead to a variety of  music albums ....from  Piano and Instrumental music through to Kids songs and Musicals to perform.
In 1998 after the birth of his daughter, David started composing and performing musical shows for children. His works include: The Haunted House Musical (2000 & rewrite for children to perform 2014):  addressing Bullying Issues  ghosts. Mouse Matters (2005): Awareness of Vision Impairment Issues (very relevant to David  who grew up with RP and has been totally blind since 2003). Aesop go HipHop (2012): ten hiphop tracks  inspired by the traditional moral stories of Aesop's Fables.  GnomeNappers (2013): a Musical concerning environmental issues  (with an album of the songs from the show being recorded by the Sunshine Coast Oriana Youth Choir and  Pirates! We're Pirates! Musical (2018): focusing on the  themes of friendship, unity and anti-bullying.  Both 'The Haunted House' and Pirates! We're Pirates!  musicals are available for purchase as a complete package including scripts, scores, music, theatre notes, staging, and costuming ideas.
David's other recent works include an easy listening instrumental piano album 'Mystrelle'; and in collaboration with Stephanie McKechnie  Adytum, Eye of the Storm, and Suitably Eastern  World Music / Belly Dance tracks.

After a number of years dedicated to composing and producing David has returned to his greatest passion, live performance, as a member of the covers band, Crossover  Brisbane


hands on a piano