Three Pirate Crews! Three Magic Gems! Three Magic Locks!


In ‘Pirates! We’re Pirates!’ we meet three 'down on their luck' pirate crews and their captains, who 'sort of know about' the legend of Ol’ Capt’n Silva Doubloon's TREASURE, but have no idea how to find it!  Along with a very intelligent Parrot, an excitable Genie and a calm Spirit of the Sea, their search takes them to Buccaneer Island. In their ensuing adventures they discover the value of true friendship through trust, help and care.


Pirates! We're Pirates! Musical, now available for hire! At $200 AU the package includes all the materials you need to perform your Musical.

1. Director’s Booklet including:
 script
 production notes ( staging ,costume and dance suggestions)
 song lyrics sheets,
 vocal score
2. Actors script
3. Vocal demo tracks
4. Backing tracks
5. Sound FX and Backing tracks in running order

Permission to copy Downloaded scripts, score & music as needed for the duration of your production.





Script sample:



 Song Samples:





Show Examples from Maleny State School's 2018 Pirates! We're Pirates! Production:


Buccaneer Island:


Best Treasure Of All:





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"Everyone loves an adventure, now spice it up with pirates, genie’s, talking parrots, mystical characters and of course Treasuuuure and the outcome is a very entertaining and feel good show for all ages. Exhilarating to be a part of and heart-warming watch. Over 100 of our students participated and loved the costumes, make up, music, dancing, singing and drama. The script inspired everyone’s involvement and creative spirit pulling together our whole school and wider community. 

Pirates! We’re Pirates! is yet another exceptional script and musical composition written by David Shortland.  Certainly one of the most professional and entertaining productions I have had the pleasure of being a part of".

John Byrne Principal

Maleny State School

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“I have been involved in an assisting role with a number of primary school musicals over the last few years and this musical was by far the BEST. The storylineis based on 3 pirate captains and their crews embarking on an important quest to find Ol’ Silver De Bloon’s treasure. Not only were there some hilarious characters and lines but it also had some incredibly important messages (co-operation, acceptance, friendship and recognising people for their strengths), and also has some magical musical numbers. These songs ranged from catchy rock and roll numbers, to a solo rap by a pirate crew, to softer heartfelt lyrics about true friends. So much variety.

The musical provided opportunities for a large number of students to be involved in singing, dancing as well as a number of main characters who act and really bring the story to life. As the story is based mainly around the 3 pirate crews, costuming and makeup was incredibly easy as most of the costumes were easily sourced or created and related to the colour of the crew.

Personally I loved being involved in this production and would happily offer my support assistance again if it were to be run again.”

Debbie Darcy Class Teacher

Maleny State School


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Hire Costs: $200 AU Download. The package includes all the materials you need to perform 'Pirates! We're Pirates!' including Script & Lyrics, Directors notes, Set design, Costume and Dance suggestions, Rehearsal and Performance Music and sound effects.